"The halls of UMD are alive with a spirit of hope and renewal." -Anna, UMD Volunteer

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Lives Touched

People come to Urban Ministries of Durham for a variety of reasons. Some come for help and others come to serve.

Many of those who come for help are victims of unfortunate circumstances and are struggling to survive. Many battle addictions that have exhausted their resources. Their lives have collapsed into a downward spiral.

We provide a safe shelter from that suffering. Given the chance to worry less about their immediate needs, people can focus on long-term change. It is our mission to help them regain belief in themselves and restore hope in their lives.

Many of those who come to help do so out of  a faith-driven devotion to helping others, or a commitment to social responsibility, or from a belief  in sharing their gifts and blessings, or from a simple desire to do good.

Whatever the reason, when people come together in this way, lives are truly touched.

Learn more as a few of our former guests share their stories of how Urban Ministries of Durham has impacted their lives.

Meet Cheryl


Meet Panama


Meet Norman & Eric


Meet Sarah


Meet Robin


Meet Stacey